Sleep and forget the world.


Alam mo ba kung bakit hindi ka niya naaalala? Kasi ikaw lang ang laging nandiyan at hindi niya naaappreciate yon kasi hindi ka pa nawawala.

Pag pinilit mo ang isang taong mahalin ka. Parang sinabi mo na din na lokohin ka niya.

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Masaktan ka’t hindi wala naman syang pakealam. Sadnu.

May mga tao talagang punyeta.

Spilled ink.

Never rely on someone else to give you the love you need because you’ll be a wreck if they ever leave.

Learn to slowly accept that you can change certain things about yourself to your liking and there are also things that you are not able to change. Come to terms with the things that you cannot change and hopefully you’ll find yourself in a better place.

I always find that a good place to start in your quest in self-love is to get a new haircut and to revamp your wardrobe such that you’ll believe that you’d look nice and feel nice. Spend energy and time on yourself to feel good.

You don’t always need to do things in a pair. Treat yourself to good movie or to a dinner for one. If you treat yourself with confidence no one will judge you/their judgements won’t matter.

I do hope that you’ll feel better soon. :)

Do you ever wonder what happens after the excitement of happily ever after?


You always asks me if I’ll get bored eventually with the normal life we’ll lead. What’s ‘normal’ anyway though?

Perhaps what other people have and obtain easily, hence the word. In that case baby, ‘normal’ will never be normal for us. Because ours has been a love hard-fought. With us, every…

It’s not easy, but it’s possible.